Rentel Offshore Windfarm

start early 2017


The Rentel windfarm will consist of 42 Wind Turbines of 7,35 MW and will produce nearly 309 MW at peak, supplying CO2 friendly electricity to approximately 285.000 households. The turbines are connected to the offshore transformer station. The substation is connected by a 220kV submarine cable to the onshore substation of Stevin in Zeebrugge. Rentel will be project financed in 2016 and construction will start early 2017.

We will act on behalf of the Owners to assure them specified quality is achieved and expectations are met as per contractual agreements.

Coating Inspection scope awarded to CLOCSS;

  • WTG Foundations (primary and secondary steel) 42 monopiles & 42 transition pieces
  • OSS Topside (including equipment)
  • OSS Foundation (MP-TP+J-tube cage)
  • WTG’s (Towers and turbines)
  • Offshore installation coating inspections

The construction of Rentel Windfarm is contracted to various parties in Europe and is planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

Rentel Offshore Windfarm

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